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Indicator 3.3: Student Voice
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Students are partners in dialogue and discussions to inform programs and activities in the classroom and school that represent the diversity, needs and interests of the student population.

At the school:
  • Processes are in place for students to suggest and initiate school-wide activities.
  • Students are informed about activities and their participation is actively encouraged.
  • Opportunities are provided for students to collaborate in the development of school plans that outline potential school-related activities.
  • School-related activities respond to diverse needs, interests and well-being of students.
In the classroom:
  • A positive learning environment is established to support student engagement and belonging.
  • Classroom activities are created collaboratively and reflect the diverse needs and interests of students.
  • Contribute ideas and identify their needs and interests in relation to school and classroom activities.
  • Engage in and contribute to a positive school and classroom culture.

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