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Indicator 3.2: Students as Partners in School Improvement
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Students’ stated priorities that reflect the diversity, needs and interests of the student population are embedded in School Improvement Plans (SIPs).

At the school:
  • Student voice that reflects the diversity of the student population is actively and regularly sought to inform school climate, instruction and program needs.
  • Opportunities are provided for students to give input and respond to school improvement goals and strategies.
  • School improvement plans focus on student learning and well-being.
  • Challenges and barriers to student participation are identified and resolutions sought.
In the classroom:
  • Educators and students collaborate to create a positive learning environment in the classroom and school that maximizes engagement, achievement and well-being.
  • Students’ cultures, perspectives, interests and achievements are reflected in their learning environment.
  • Classroom goals are built collaboratively and reflect the school improvement plan.
  • Provide input related to stated priorities, school programs and opportunities at the classroom and school.
  • Represent their own voice and the voice of others when advocating for conditions that support their learning.

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