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Indicator 5.3: Range of Pathways, Options, Programs and Supports
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Students, parents, families, and educators understand the full range of pathways, programs, options and supports that are available.

At the school:
- Information and opportunities for dialogue about all options, programs, pathways and destinations is accessible through a variety of means to students, parents, families and staff.
- Students, parents, families and staff have access to necessary information to make informed decisions at key transitional stages (e.g., home to school, division to division, elementary to secondary, secondary to post-secondary/work).
- Educators demonstrate respect and support for all pathways and destinations.

In the classroom:
- Connections are made between the Ontario curriculum and the full range of education and career/life options.
- Transition plans are implemented using available supports and resources.

- Demonstrate a growing awareness of themselves and the full range of opportunities available to them based on their skills, interests and aspirations.
- Utilize appropriate resources to make informed decisions and set goals related to education and career/life planning.

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