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Indicator 5.2: Authentic and Experiential Learning
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Opportunities for authentic learning experiences and experiential learning exist in all classrooms and programs.

At the school:
- School and community partners work collaboratively to support diverse, authentic, experiential and contextualized learning opportunities within the school and broader community.
- Experiences are provided to help students explore future learning or career/life opportunities. (e.g., Reach Ahead)
- School-wide activities (e.g., guest speakers, career fairs) and career-focused programs such as cooperative education are in place to support student learning in all subject areas.

In the classroom:
- Authentic tasks and experiential learning enable students to apply subject-specific knowledge and skills to work-related situations, explore subject-related education and career/life options and become competent, self-directed planners.
- Planned and purposeful experiential learning tasks, either individually, in small groups or as class projects, help students develop self-knowledge and opportunity-awareness.

- Discover strengths, refine and pursue their interests and aspirations.
- Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between what they are learning, why they are learning it and how it connects to their lives.
- Are able to set goals and select appropriate activities, courses, programs and pathways that reflect their interests, skills and aspirations.

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