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Indicator 5.1: Programs, Pathways and Career Planning
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Comprehensive education and career/life planning programs meet the learning needs, interests and aspirations of all students.

At the school:
- School and community stakeholders work collaboratively to develop and support the implementation of a K-12 education and career/life planning program that is embedded across all subjects, courses and daily learning activities.
- A variety of classroom and school-wide opportunities meet the diverse needs, interests and aspirations of all students to help them develop the knowledge and skills to make informed education and career/life choices.
- Students are supported in education and career/life planning through their development of a portfolio (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and an Individual Pathways Plan (Grades 7 to 12).
- Structures and processes are in place to support successful transitions (e.g., home to school, grade to grade, division to division, elementary to secondary, secondary to post-secondary/work).

In the classroom:
- Education and career/life planning connects areas of learning to the ongoing curricular learning activities of the classroom and broader community.
- Respect for all pathways and destinations is evident in instruction (e.g., blended learning, SHSM).
- Students develop awareness of themselves and their opportunities to make decisions, set goals and create plans for achieving their goals.
- Instruction supports students in making informed choices for successful transitions (e.g., changing contexts, grade to grade, school to school, school to post-secondary including work).

- Use the Four-Step Inquiry Process for Education and Career/life Planning to reflect on who am I, what are my opportunities, who do I want to become and what is my plan for achieving my goals.
- Record their thinking in their portfolio (Kindergarten to Grade 6) and Individual Pathways Plan (Grades 7 to 12) and, where appropriate, share with parents, educators and peers.
- Demonstrate awareness and respect for various pathways and destinations.

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