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Indicator 6.4: Learning Opportunities, Resources and Supports for Parents
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Learning opportunities, resources and supports are provided to help parents support student learning and have productive parent-teacher-student conversations.

At the school:
- A variety of forums and supports are available at the school and in the community (e.g., curriculum evenings, workshops, guest speakers) to deepen parents’ understanding of the teaching, learning and assessment processes.
- Parents have opportunities to expand their own learning (e.g., sessions on parenting skills, internet safety, nutrition).
- Ongoing communication and outreach activities increase engagement and build effective school-parent-family relationships.
- Focus on intentional, positive engagement with parents and the community.

In the classroom:
- A variety of methods are used to engage parents’ support for student learning (e.g., class website, conferences, newsletter).
- Information about courses/units of study is shared with parents to support student learning (e.g., big ideas, learning goals, success criteria).
- Partnerships with parents foster positive attitudes about school and improved academic achievement.
- Parents are enabled to participate fully in parent/teacher conferences (e.g., translators, babysitting, scheduling).
- Relevant and up-to-date information about education transitions is provided through parent-teacher-student conversations.

- Share their learning with their parents/families.
- Demonstrate engagement in parent-teacher-student conversations.
- Make connections between the learning at home and the learning at school.

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