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Indicator 6.3: School and Community Partnerships
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The school and community build partnerships to enhance learning opportunities and well-being for students.

At the school:
- Student learning and well-being are intentionally supported through the meaningful involvement of parents, families, members of the School Council and community partners.
- Participation in community activities is supported (e.g., career fairs, charity events, Skills Canada).
- Parents have opportunities to enhance their own learning and skills in order to support student learning at home and in the school.
- Processes are in place to establish partnerships (e.g., co-op placements, School College Work Initiative, Public Health Units).
- Partnerships with community organizations are established so that students and their families have access to programs and services on the school premises during and outside of regular school hours (e.g., breakfast programs, tutoring, Community Use of Schools funding).

In the classroom:
- Learning experiences prepare students to interact positively with community partners.
- Students are provided with planned and purposeful learning experiences with community partners.

- Participate in and learn from interactions with community partners both in school and in community settings (e.g., community involvement graduation requirement, volunteerism).
- Students are aware of and access programs and services available to them in their school and community to support their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
- Demonstrate social responsibility in the school and in the community.

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