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Indicator 6.2 : Valued Partners
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Students, parents and community members are engaged and welcomed, as respected and valued partners in student learning.

At the school:
- Various strategies are used to communicate and engage parents (e.g., informal discussions, school and/or class newsletters, websites, student agendas, surveys).
- Communication with parents is ongoing and timely.
- An ongoing assessment of parent and community engagement is conducted.
- A positive, welcoming school climate is fostered to encourage, value and consider parent and community perspectives.
- A process is in place to welcome and support new families to the school community.
- The cultural and linguistic diversity of the school and community is recognized and respected.
- A range of opportunities for parent, family and community involvement/engagement is available (e.g., hours conducive to attendance).

In the classroom:
- The classroom environment is inviting for and respectful of students, parents and community members.
- Parents and community members are invited to contribute in various activities and learning opportunities (e.g., reading mentors, math coaches, employers, story tellers).

- See themselves as valued members of the school community and take pride in representing their school.
- Identify how their culture is reflected in the learning opportunities in the classroom and school.
- Interact positively with peers, parents and community members.

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