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Indicator 6.1: School Councils
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The School Council has a meaningful role in supporting learning, well-being and achievement for students.

At the school:
- The School Council, in partnership with staff, consults with, listens to and assists the parent community in becoming familiar with current school and community issues and information (e.g., opportunity to learn about the School Improvement Plan).
- The School Council encourages parents’ involvement in their children’s learning at home and at school.
- Targets and achievement results are communicated to the school community both to build public confidence and to engage parents in supporting student learning and achievement.
- The School Council promotes increased parent involvement that reflects the diversity of the school community to support student achievement and well-being.
- The School Council identifies and works with staff to address barriers to parent and community engagement. In the classroom:
- The School Council promotes parent and community involvement in classroom activities.

- Experience the link between home and school.
- Benefit from and/or make use of role models in the community.
- Value the contribution of parents and community members to learning and well-being.

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