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Indicator 2.3 - Organizational structures
Organizational structures are coherent, flexible and respond to the needs of students.

At the school:
  • The learning environment is intentionally organized to optimize learning time.
  • Timetabling is strategic and facilitates learning for all students and the appropriate allocation of human and other resources.
  • The allocation of human and other resources is responsive to changing student needs.
  • (Elementary) Sustained uninterrupted blocks of learning time are used daily for literacy and numeracy.
  • The budget process is transparent and reflects school priorities in the School Improvement Plan.
  • Communication and procedures support student learning during all transitions.
  • Teams meet regularly for the purpose of supporting learning for students, including those who are not meeting subject/course requirements and/or learning expectations in the Individual Education Plan.
In the classroom:
  • The learning environment is both intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate for all students and is organized to optimize teaching and learning.
  • Student advocacy is taught and welcomed.
  • Advocate for conditions that support their learning.
  • Work in flexible and varied groupings according to the learning task and their learning needs.

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