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Indicator 2.2 - Professional Practice
Processes and practices are designed to deepen understanding of the curriculum and refine instruction to improve student learning and achievement.

At the school:
  • The learning environment supports professional dialogue about the big ideas and content in the curriculum and how to implement instructional practices that lead students to deep conceptual understanding.
  • Professional learning is continuous and responsive to student learning needs, identified by a wide range of data and informed by ministry policy, resource documents and board guidelines.
  • Access to expertise and professional learning resources is provided in response to the range of student needs.
  • System resources are accessed to support professional learning.
  • Structures, processes and practices that have been collaboratively established at the school and school community are used to determine day-to-day decision-making, based on student needs e.g. pyramid of interventions/tiered approach.
In the classroom:
  • Input from students on the effectiveness of instructional approaches is used to address next steps.
  • Professional learning supports the growth of a wide repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies and their appropriate use.
  • Ongoing communication and action regarding prevention and interventions support student success.
  • Rich and relevant tasks advance learning, creativity and innovation.
  • Access and engage in the intended learning as individuals, in small groups and as a whole class.
  • Independently apply knowledge, skills, concepts and processes in different contexts.

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