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Indicator 4.7: Timely and Tiered Interventions
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Timely and tiered interventions, supported by a team approach, respond to individual student learning needs and well-being.

At the school:
  • School teams (e.g., Student Success, Safe and Accepting Schools, IEP) meet on an ongoing basis to review academic, social and emotional progress of students.
  • Gaps in achievement are identified for students through disaggregated data and targets are set to close achievement gaps.
  • Communication and collaborative planning result in early intervention to support students.
  • Tracking mechanisms are current, available to all staff and used on an ongoing basis for discussions on refining instructional strategies for student learning.
  • Multiple opportunities are provided for parents and students to actively participate in ongoing review and update of IEPs.
  • Educators are aware of the diverse community supports involved in assisting students and can facilitate appropriate access to those services (e.g., settlement workers, mental health agencies, public health units).
In the classroom:
  • Student learning profiles, IEPs and/or portfolios are current and used to support and monitor student learning.
  • Trends and patterns in student data are used to identify and implement interventions to support student learning.
  • Responsibility for the success of all students is demonstrated.
  • Demonstrate confidence and self-advocacy in their capacity to learn and succeed (e.g., risk taking, willingness to try new tasks, sharing learning with others).
  • Reflect on their needs and advocate for appropriate interventions.
  • Collaborate with educators to create and evaluate interventions.
  • Respond to supports and interventions.

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