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Indicator 4.4: Student Inquiry
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Learning is deepened through authentic, relevant and meaningful student inquiry.

At the school:
  • Courses/units of study are developed to promote learning through student inquiry.
  • Teaching and learning strategies support student inquiry.
  • Learning through problem-solving supports students in connecting ideas and developing conceptual understanding.
  • Explicit teaching of concepts, processes and skills within inquiry supports students’ learning.
In the classroom:
  • Students are engaged in exploring real-world situations/issues and solving authentic problems.
  • Self and peer assessment opportunities are used to establish a culture of inquiry.
  • Critical thinking skills are taught, modelled, practised and developed.
  • Metacognition is modelled through the instructional process.
  • Instruction enables all students to explore the big ideas (i.e., to go beyond discrete facts and skills in order to develop deep conceptual understanding).
  • Students are provided with regular opportunities for planned, purposeful, accountable talk.
  • Identify authentic problems and pose significant questions for investigations across all curriculum areas.
  • Demonstrate curiosity and a positive and productive disposition to learning.
  • Demonstrate skills of metacognition.
  • Take risks to share works in progress (ideas, solutions, strategies) in order to test hypotheses, obtain feedback and suggestions from peers and teachers.

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