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Indicator 4.2: High Levels of Achievement in Literacy and Numeracy
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A clear emphasis on high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy is evident throughout the school.

At the school:
Literacy and Numeracy
  • Data are analyzed to identify strengths and gaps in literacy and numeracy achievement and to determine ambitious learning goals for school-wide improvement.
  • A comprehensive literacy and numeracy focus supports student achievement through use of the current Ontario curriculum and associated resource documents.
  • Curriculum expectations are appropriately clustered and considered as a developmental continuum of learning across the grades/courses.
  • Cross-curricular planning and programming enables students to practise and apply literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills in meaningful ways.
  • Literacy and numeracy instruction is inquiry-based, intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate for all students.
  • Learning opportunities require higher order thinking.
  • Conditions are created for developing imagination, creativity, innovation and risk-taking in the culture of the school.

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