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Indicator 4.1: Culture of High Expectations
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A culture of high expectations supports the belief that all students can learn, progress and achieve.

At the school:
  • The focus on student achievement is evident and clearly communicated within the school and to the school community in a variety of ways and in languages reflective of community needs.
  • Student achievement is celebrated in an inclusive way throughout the school.
  • Qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources inform school improvement planning.
  • The School Improvement Plan identifies ambitious targets against which progress in learning and student achievement are measured.
  • Professional learning, grounded in evidence-based practice and research, focuses on continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
In the classroom:
  • Realistic and ambitious learning goals are set and regularly reviewed with students.
  • Multiple and varied opportunities are provided for students to demonstrate learning.
  • Ongoing monitoring and moderation of student work informs instruction to ensure that each student learns, progresses and achieves stated goals.
  • Learn, progress and achieve in relation to their goals.
  • Demonstrate and apply their learning in a variety of contexts and forms.

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