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Indicator 1.7 - Communication of Student Learning
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Ongoing communication about learning is in place to allow students, educators and parents to monitor and support student learning.

At the school:
  • Communication protocols and timelines are clearly communicated in school publications, including websites.
  • School-wide processes are developed to inform and engage parents and students in learning, assessment practices and how next steps in learning are determined.
  • Parents and students learn about the different purposes of assessment and evaluation.
  • Parents are engaged through ongoing communication and dialogue to support a positive learning environment at home and at school.
In the classroom:
  • All communication about assessment is personalized, clear, precise and meaningful.
  • A system (e.g. student agenda, classroom website, moodle, blog) is in place to allow educators, students and parents to continuously monitor student progress.
  • Clear learning goals and success criteria are identified, shared and clarified with students and parents.
  • Communication at critical check points in the learning allows students and parents to contribute to and monitor progress during the learning.
  • Students and parents are involved in an ongoing communication process regarding student learning, through a variety of strategies (e.g., portfolio discussions, student-led conferences, IEP meetings, conferences with educators).
  • Identify and communicate their learning preferences, individual strengths and areas for further improvement.
  • Participate in meetings regarding their learning and progress (e.g. student-led conferences, IEP meetings, conferences with educators).
  • Engage in learning conversations and discussions with educators and peers that elicit evidence of understanding.
  • Comment on their report cards about strengths and goals.

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