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Indicator 1.6 - Assessment of Learning
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Assessment of learning provides relevant and meaningful evidence to evaluate the quality of student achievement at or near the end of a cycle of learning and to determine next steps.

At the school:
  • A fair and equitable assessment and evaluation policy is in place, is clearly articulated and shared with staff, students, parents and the community.
  • Tasks/assignments for assessment of learning are aligned with the curriculum expectations and/or the learning expectations in the IEP.
  • Assessment of learning is based on the most consistent, more recent demonstrations of learning.
  • Comments on report cards are personalized, clear, precise and meaningful to reflect individual student progress.
In the classroom:
  • A range of evidence for the assessment of learning is collected through observations, conversations and student products.
  • Assessment of learning is based on the performance standards set out in the Achievement Chart and the content standards identified by the overall curriculum expectations and/or IEP.
  • Assessment criteria align with the overall expectations and form the basis of assessment of learning.
  • Assessment of learning provides evidence to inform next steps.
  • Learning skills and work habits are evaluated and reported to parents.
  • Choose, where possible, how they demonstrate their learning for the purposes of assessment of learning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how their learning will be evaluated.
  • Use assessment of learning results to set new learning goals.

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