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Indicator 1.1 - Assessment Planning
Students and teachers share a common understanding of the learning goals and success criteria
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Assessment is connected to the curriculum, collaboratively developed by educators and used to inform next steps in learning and instruction.

At the school:  
  • Expectations, goals, criteria, tasks and assessment are aligned and planned concurrently.
  • Quality evidence of learning is determined collaboratively (e.g., through moderation, lesson study, co-planning) across grades, courses and pathways to determine student learning needs.
  • Meaningful tasks, activities and experiences are designed to:
  • foster thinking and metacognition
  • build on students’ diverse perspectives, knowledge and experiences
  • assess the depth of new learning in order to identify next steps.
In the classroom:
  • Assessment for and as learning processes are evident as students undertake authentic and relevant performance tasks.
  • Educators and students co-construct success criteria in relation to authentic and relevant performance tasks.
  • Multiple and varied opportunities are provided for students to demonstrate, communicate and refine their learning. -
  • Student learning is regularly documented to inform educator and student next steps.
  • Students are supported and assessed in the ongoing development of learning skills and work habits.
  • Actively plan for and set personalized learning goals that relate to the curriculum expectations.
  • Engage in authentic and relevant performance tasks that are connected to their learning goals.

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